We’re trying to negotiate

One of our coworkers is an ardent supporter of repair contracts.  He bought 1 for his car when purchasing it brand new from the dealer.  They cover everything from simple oil changes to minimal engine repairs in the event something goes wrong.  It wasn’t cheap at first, but he swears he has already saved the full amount within the first 4 years alone.  He also has a repair contract on apartment repairs in addition to a third contract for Heating plus Air Conditioning repair in addition to repair.  Although he pays a yearly fee for both, if something goes wrong with 1 of his appliances at home, he doesn’t have to spend our savings any labor fees on repairs.  He swears by his Heating plus Air Conditioning repair contract for the same reason. But, he said finding the right business that wouldn’t be dishonest wasn’t the easiest task, even in our medium sized city.  He looked through droves of online reviews on odd websites in addition to social media platforms in addition to then began making calls. He tried to vet out as multiple as he could on the PC with a handful of business related questions.  He then narrowed that down to a list of numerous several companies in addition to made appointments to interview them individually. Several of the specialists were exceedingly unprofessional upon immediate arrival in addition to were easily scratched off the list.  At least two seemed to be extremely comprehension able, however started to change their mood once the topic of finances was brought up. It came down to 1 single business—the specialist was clean cut in addition to polite, a real expert on everything related to heating in addition to cooling, in addition to had no issue negotiating prices in addition to fees.  So far they have been treating our coworker well in addition to have fixed numerous concerns for free, even including parts. I decided to provide them a call myself in addition to see about setting up a repair contract on our own Heating plus Air Conditioning system.