We are improving the air quality

There is nothing worse than dragging yourself out of bed in the morning.  You drag yourself to a job you hate. You sit at a desk at job that has no future and you have no respect for what you do.  You go to college for six years, and you aren’t allowed to use that knowledge because you are told you are not smart enough.  This is the job that I have. Our boss is a slave driver, who thinks it is cool to berate you in front of your co-workers. I really don’t mind going to work every day, I just hate going to work there.  I’ve tried to get a different job, but he seems to get to my interviews before I do, and he talks me down. I don’t understand his motives. My office is kept so cold that I find it difficult to type when my fingers get numb.  I’m not even allowed to touch the thermostat which really makes me angry. I could be doing this job in my house, where I sit next to the thermostat. I could turn the temperature up at any time. I wouldn’t be using his energy, but my own, to get the heating.  I would be able to work longer hours, because I am more comfortable with more heating. My work would gain in quality. I would no longer need to put up with guff. Maybe I should just quit, but everyone knows it is easier to get a job, when you already have one.  Maybe I’ll try to get on in a HVAC company.

HVAC company