We are freezing right now

I am on a book quest right now, my goal is to learn through all our print books before I go down south… I go down south every Wintertide season until the start of Springtime. I get more than three weeks of southern weather before I go back home, but all our print books are in the north. Also, it is freezing here right now. I basically spend all day inside by the oil furnace. I like learning by the fireplace because there is nothing else I would rather be doing, then well, when I leave for the south the weather will be nice. Who wants to learn when the sun is shining plus A/C is needed? I suppose I won’t want to. Also, I don’t want to carry a bunch of books on the plane or check a bag filled with books; Not only is it luxurious plus heavy, although I suppose it would be a waste of time. In the south with the moderate weather, I will be way more active. I will ride bikes, swim plus work out in grass. In the north, I literally will only want to learn plus bundle by the heater, then so it is crunch time right now. I have about 6 weeks left. I have around 50 books left. I need to learn over a book a day to complete this quest. It is not going to be straight-forward plus will feel a bit like school. But, I want to finish this quest… Then, I will clean our bookshelf plus keep all the books that are good! Everything is replaced plus ready to roll for next season.

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