Working on a day show

I went to school for journalism plus my dream work was to hopefully work as a host for a day show… I did a couple of internships during my time in college plus was lucky enough to get a work right after I graduated. I was so excited to work back period for a day show that I really loved, it wasn’t the most excited work although I knew that in the end it would help myself and others get where I need to go! After finally working at the day show for more than one years, I got the option to host the show while the new host was out on maternity leave. I knew this was my choice to shine plus started preparing as much as I could. I even went out plus purchased a up-to-date dress; The day I was supposed to go on the air I walked into the studio plus it felt appreciate the a/c was on, certainly it felt appreciate the furnace was turned on. I asked my boss what was going on with the heating plus cooling plan in the building plus he said that it wasn’t currently finally working. This meant that I was going to have to lay under the hot lights plus go on air without the a/c finally working. I started perspiring at the thought of it, however during the show I could think sweat dripping down my face plus then appreciate a miracle I felt the a/c kick on. I didn’t guess I would be able to make it another second without the a/c turned on blast!

A/C installation