This boiler is really helping me out

In the area where I live, heating is definitely a priority.  Our winter season lasts a minimum of six straight months, with the temperature consistently below freezing.  The heating system carries a heavy workload and needs to operate reliably, safely and efficiently. I certainly don’t want to spend a fortune on monthly utility bills or be stuck without heat in the middle of a blizzard.  When my husband and I built our home, we did quite a bit of research into the different options for residential heating. After careful consideration, we invested in a boiler-based heating system. A boiler heating system is made up the actual boiler that heats and distributes water, along with a network of pipes which transports the water.  The pipes are installed into the walls or subfloor of each room in the house and connect the boiler to either radiators, baseboards or radiant flooring. The boiler pumps hot water through the pipes and heat radiates from them and into the room. Water provides a superior thermal medium when compared to air, and holds the heat energy far longer.  Plus, there’s no energy losses due to duct leaks, making boiler heating a wonderfully efficient option. We also enjoy very even room to room and floor to ceiling temperature. Because warm air rises to the ceiling and only sinks as it cools, forced air furnaces tend to create unpleasant hot and cold spots. By comparison, the boiler infuses the heat in to the air and transports thermal energy between solid objects.  The warmest temperatures are near the floor, where the heat is most needed.

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