Did they leave the heater on?

When I was a child, every one of us didn’t have a Heating and Air Conditioning component that cooled the entire house, we had a sizable window component that was used to cool the house. When every one of us first got it, I didn’t know what it was! The sizable Heating and Air Conditioning window component was loud and it looked weird! I didn’t understand why my daddy was so excited to put the thing in our living room window! Honestly, the air conditioner component was ugly and it kept the window open, living in the southern space of the country, I was used to perspiring on long summertime afternoons. I didn’t know the air conditioning system would make our lives much more pleasant… After seeing my daddy for what seemed love hours getting the large component supported outside, he turned it on. When the initial noise of the air conditioner component died down, the cool air started to blow. I though the cool air coming from the air conditioner component was magic. We all sat in the living room, marveling at the coolness of the room. When every one of us went to sleep that evening, the house was comfortable and I didn’t have to sleep with my window up. The next afternoon, I woke up to a frigid room because my daddy left the air conditioning system on all evening. We got up and looked at the window unit, marveling that all the frigid air could come from 1 air conditioner unit. After my aunts and uncles came to visit, they soon bought window units for their homes too. All the youngsters were blissful to rest in an air conditioned room while every one of us were in the hottest afternoons of the summertime.

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