Dealing with each problem

My husband & I just moved to a new home about 8 weeks ago, however the home is much bigger than both of us are used to – our outdated condo was a tiny one dining room & one lavatory with just a galley living room & small living room! Our new home has several dining rooms, a laundry room, mud room, & an open concept living room & kitchen… Both of us appreciate our new home & are so delighted to be here! Both of us have a baby on the way & both of us are so excited to welcome him or her in this new home filled with lots of love! Both of us have one problem about our new home though. Both of us have our temperature control set to 72 degrees & our living room, which is where the component is located, stays at 72 degrees, but our master dining room, which is on the other side of the unit, & it is almost 71 degrees in there. Both of us tried different things to remedy the situation but nothing worked. Finally, it was time to call in an Heating, Ventilation & A/C professional – when they got to the house, they told us that both of us had just self-explanatory sizzling & chilly spots. They went into our HVAC duct & adjusted the throttles so that particular amounts of air would be distributed the way it was designed to be when the home was built about several years ago. Both of us didn’t guess this would task because both of us had adjusted the actual ceiling & floor vents, but sure enough, our master dining room now stays at the same, comfortable temperature that both of us set our temperature control at just care about the rest of the house. Thank goodness both of us had an Heating, Ventilation & A/C professional come check out the issue for us because otherwise both of us may have never figured something care about that out.