I didn’t dare run the air conditioner

Prior to buying our new home, our partner and I hired a local Heating as well as Air Conditioning professional to inspect and analyze the heating and cooling system.  The serviceman assured us that all components were in good working order. Once the two of us moved in, our partner and I started a important renovation project. The house is seriously old, and certainly few updates had been completed over the last fifty years.  There was insufficient insulation in the walls and the electrical wires were not up to code. The plumbing system was terribly corroded, and all of the windows needed to be substituted. Both of us were relieved that the duct system was in good condition. My partner gutted the walls and ceilings down to the bare studs and refinished all of the hardwood floors.  Although the outside temperature was rather moderate and humid, the two of us didn’t dare run the air conditioner because of all of the dust. Both of us instead opened the windows for ventilation. Once the project was finally complete, the two of us were anxious to scrub up, lower the control unit, and get some relief from the heat and humidity. The cooling system ran for approximately twenty hours before it quit.  When our partner checked the air filter, he found it entirely congested with dust and debris. Cleaning the filter, but, didn’t fix the problem. Both of us were forced to call the Heating as well as Air Conditioning business back for a repair. He told us that the construction dust had infiltration the cooling component through the supply and return vents, blocking airflow and leading to the malfunction. He advocated that for future projects, the two of us make sure to seal off the duct system entirely.

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