Getting an air purifier in my studio

I have always loved painting. When I was a young girl, I covered all of the walls of my bedroom with different types of paintings. I worked with acrylic, watercolors and even charcoal. Art was a huge part of my life. Unfortunately, my parents didn’t think art was a way to earn a decent living. I stopped painting and drawing. Eventually I earned a degree in medical transcription. I forgot about drawing and painting and settled into the real world. A few years ago, I met a really great guy. We fell in love and got married about six months ago. He presented me with a huge surprise for my birthday last month. He turned our garage into a painting studio. All this time, I never realized he was listening to my dreams. The garage was perfectly set up with plenty of room to paint and plenty of room to move around. My husband even bought a brand new easel for me. He insulated the garage door and disconnected the chains.  In the corner of the room, was a small air purifier machine. Since there are no windows in the garage, we needed a way to ventilate the area. The air purifier works really well. Even when I am painting with spray cans, the fumes are barely present. The air purifier eliminates all of the paint fumes, and leaves me with a nice and fresh smelling atmosphere. I’m really impressed by this thoughtful gift and I’m going to enjoy having a space of my own. I knew this guy was the perfect man to marry.

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