A stolen air conditioner

When my wife and I bought our house, there was no A/C in the garage. My wife was using the garage as a yoga studio so we installed a nice window A/C unit. For 3 years, the window A/C unit worked very well. My wife never had a single complaint and we didn’t see a very significant rise in our electric bills either. The A/C unit also had heat so my wife could have a comfortable yoga studio during the winter as well. Last weekend, my wife and I went out of town for a wedding. We were gone on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. When we finally returned home late Sunday afternoon, we found the A/C unit was obviously missing. It looked like someone had ripped the A/C unit right out of the window and stolen it. My wife and I were completely dumbfounded and immediately contacted the police. The police told us it was unlikely we would find the culprit and suggested we contact our homeowners insurance. My wife and I sent an email out to our homeowners association so everyone could be on the lookout for theft. Strangely enough, my wife and I received an email about 10 minutes later. Someone in our neighborhood had spotted two guys trying to carry an A/C unit through the neighborhood. Our neighbor thought it was really funny and decided to capture the incident on video. When they heard about the theft, they thought they might have some information that would help. Sure enough, the video showed the two assailants walking away with our A/C unit.