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Tonight the two of us took our kids & a few of their friends to a haunted hayride for Halloween; Halloween is this weekend, & the hayride was just a fantastic way to kick off the weekend festivities. Both of us love this holiday. The fall is our favorite time of the year, when the temperature outside starts cooling down & the two of us can start using the fireplace in the family room. The hayride was super fun, but for some reason this year, they didn’t have the portable gas heating units set up all around the park love they usually do. I was wondering why they didn’t offer some sort of heating source when one of the park employers came by & mentioned that the heating & undefined supplier that they’d contracted with for all of the portable gas heating units had been forced to cancel on them at the last hour. I guess the Heating & A/C trucks that they use to supply the pressing furnaces had broken down & they had no way of getting the furnaces to the hayride arena. I thought that was weird, since it looked to myself and others love they would just be able to rent a truck someplace to supply the heaters. But I guess when you’re dealing with gas heating units & any kind of propane, there’s a certain way that the furnaces have to be stored & delivered. In other words, you can’t just throw them into the back of any seasoned pickup truck. They have to be stored a certain way or it doesn’t meet the Heating & A/C codes… So the two of us ended up freezing & shivering at the hayride tonight with no heating source!

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