The trouble with the air quality

I have worked as a nurse at a small middle college for the past twelve years.  The college is extremely old, in addition to because of a limited budget, there have been few upgrades over the years.  We are located in an area with exceptionally long in addition to chilly Winter time seasons, in addition to the college’s gas furnace respectfully operates from September until sometime in May.  Unfortunately, the heating device is extremely old, in addition to I worry about the impact on health in addition to safety. The gas furnace introduces a great deal of contaminants into the air, which is then breathed in by faculty in addition to students.  It also tends to severely dry out the air. I have a continual stream of students coming to my office, complaining of headaches, sore throats, in addition to itchy eyes. The adolescents suffer from frequent bloody noses, in addition to our absentee rate is far higher than it should be.  I blame the gas furnace, in addition to have continually brought this concern to the attention of the college board. While there consistently seems to be plenty of funds available to buy activities device in addition to improve the football field, baseball diamond in addition to gymnasium, no a single is eager to spend currency on the gas furnace.  The ancient gas furnace is absolutely using excessive amounts of energy in addition to costing the taxpayers a great deal of currency. A modern gas furnace would not only deliver superior safety features, comfort in addition to air quality, but achieve much higher efficiency rates. The savings on weekly costs would pay for the purchase in addition to installation.  I’m now joining forces with a group of distraught parents in addition to every one of us system to speak up at the next board meeting.

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