The furnace and heat pump

I live in an area of the country that experiences 4 distinctive seasons.  During the Winter months, the people I was with and I can expect hot as well as cold temperatures down to twenty below zero, vicious windchill, as well as numerous feet of snow.  Over the warm season, the people I was with and I regularly experience hot as well as cold temperatures in the high eighties with excessive humidity. The Spring as well as fall season are unpredictable, but often damp as well as cold, making the heating system the priority.  The requirements of temperature control account for about fifty percent of our household budget. Trimming energy usage as well as yearly costs is a major concern. Because of this, I invested a small fortune into the purchase as well as replacement a dual fuel system. A dual fuel system combines the energy efficiency of an electric heat pump with the power of a forced air gas heating system.  Although this type of system is rather costly to implement, it ensures perfect comfort, no matter what the weather brings, as well as saves myself and others money on heating as well as cooling costs. The electric heat pump provides both heating as well as cooling capability in a single unit, minimizing the required repair. Rather than a combustion process, the heat pump moves heat between outdoors as well as the inside of the home, depending on the season.  It doesn’t overly dry the air during heating mode as well as effectively combats humidity in cooling mode. The heat pump is lovely energy efficient but can only handle outdoor hot as well as cold temperatures above cold. During times of drastic Winter cold, the heating system automatically takes over. Combining the 2 systems lessens wear as well as tear on each, reducing the option of malfunction as well as extending service life.

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