I need HVAC to protect my art

As a hobby, I collect paintings from the different places I visit.  I’ve traveled all over the world, and have quite an impressive collection of artwork.  Some of the pieces are worth quite a bit of money, while others simply have sentimental value.  I have all of them framed and displayed on the walls of my home. Because I live in an area with drastic weather fluctuations throughout the year, I’ve needed to take proactive measures to protect the integrity of the paintings.  Severe temperature swings and unstable humidity levels could lead to damage and even destroy the artwork and frames. In the summer, I need to combat excessive heat and humidity. During the winter, I battle with severe cold and overly dry air.  I consulted with a local HVAC contractor, and made upgrades to my heating, cooling and air quality equipment. I’ve invested in a variable-speed furnace and air conditioner which allows the system to actively adjust its speed to demand. The longer cycles at lower capacity results in more evenly maintained temperature and superior humidity control.  I’ve further added a whole-home dehumidifier and humidifier to handle moisture levels. The dehumidifier operates during the summer months, drawing moisture out of the air and providing far superior comfort. Because of the dehumidifier, I can set higher thermostat settings and save some money on air conditioning. The humidifier adds essential moisture to the air, partnering with the furnace to optimize comfort and air quality.  While all of this modern equipment was rather expensive, it not only protects the condition of the paintings but makes my home healthier and far more enjoyable.