I Love the Fall

Yesterday, I got my fireplace ready for use for the first day that it gets cold, and I can’t wait.  Now that fall is here, it is only a matter of weeks before I can start the fire in my old-fashioned fireplace.  I’m looking forward to it, too. There’s nothing like gathering around the fireplace and having a meal next to it, with the fireplace flickering in the background.  I love everything about the fall weather. The crisp air, which by itself allows me to use the fireplace, pumpkins, a cozy fire and of course, football. The temperatures are dropping around here, with a cold front on the way.  So I’ve gotten the fireplace ready just in time. After the warm months, it’s easy to forget about the fireplace. I got ours checked out and cleaned just before spring and placed flowers and candles inside the firebox until now. However, with the weather that we have, I would never expect to use only the fireplace for heat.  I don’t love it that much.  No, I will be calling the HVAC company for a furnace tune-up.  With a furnace tune-up, I know that when I turn the thermostat to “heat”, the furnace will kick on when I need it to come on.  I don’t want any surprises when it’s time to turn on the heat. A furnace may not be as romantic as a fireplace, but that furnace is an essential part of my HVAC system.  It needs to be maintained just like the air conditioning side of the equipment. Otherwise, that HVAC unit won’t work properly when you need it to.

HVAC set up