Very frigid weather

Last week, all of us had our first real blast of frigid weather.  I was chilly within a couple minutes of getting out of bed. I reached for a sweater to put over our clothing, and I have been frigid ever since.  My spouse shook his head when he saw me, and he told myself and others I was not allowed to bring up the subject. I took the space gas furnace into the bathroom and I blocked it in until I was done with our shower, that night.  I turned off the space gas furnace and I used the entire next morning, in our office. I looked at him as I sweetly put our frigid hands on his face, and I asked if I could bring up the dreaded subject. He told myself and others to go ahead, but it would be the last time.  Every year at this time, I have asked him to install radiant heating into the house. I tell him how efficient it is and that it could be a anniversary/Christmas/anniversary/Mother’s morning present. It would cover every holiday for the next year. This year I surprised him.  I didn’t talk about radiant heated flooring. I told him about the heat mats that can be put beneath the carpeting and they didn’t any special construction to complete. I told him how they now have electric heat strips that take little replacement time to be put down. I love our spouse, and I almost laughed out loud when he began to grin.  He told myself and others that I was looking at two years of gifts. He had already talked to the Heating & A/C company about having radiant heating installed in the bathroom and in our office, as an anniversary gift for me.

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