This seems one sided

Last week, we had our first real blast of cold weather.  I was cold within a couple minutes of getting out of bed. I reached for a sweater to put over my clothing, as well as I have been cold ever since.  My husband shook his head when he saw me, as well as he told myself and others I was not allowed to bring up the subject. I took the section gas furnace into the lavatory as well as I clogged it in until I was done with my shower, that evening.  I turned off the section gas furnace as well as I used the entire next day, in my office. I looked at him as I sweetly put my cold hands on his face, as well as I asked if I could bring up the dreaded subject. He told myself and others to go ahead, but it would be the last time.  Every year at this time, I have asked him to install radiant heating into the house. I tell him how efficient it is as well as that it could be a birthday/Christmas/birthday/Mother’s day present. It would cover every holiday for the next year. This year I surprised him. I didn’t talk about radiant heated flooring.  I told him about the heat mats that can be put beneath the carpeting as well as they didn’t any special construction to complete. I told him how they now have electric heat strips that take little installation time to be put down. I like my husband, as well as I almost laughed out loud when he began to grin. He told myself and others that I was looking at more than one years of gifts.  He had already talked to the HVAC corporation about having radiant heating installed in the lavatory as well as in my office, as an birthday gift for me.