This is a renewable resource

Both of us have a unique  situation in our home. Well maybe other do to, but, no a single that the two of us know, and in fact, the two of us don’t personally suppose anyone who hates their condo all Winter the way the two of us do; You see, the two of us use wood as our primary source of heat.  Years ago, the two of us ended up without heat for almost a week. This was very difficult plus the two of us wanted to make sure that never happened again. Both of us installed a wood stove that was big enough to supply heat to the entire house. Both of us now go through a vast amount firewood however it is still much cheaper than paying the gas supplier plus using the boiler.  Our average cost for a Winter is down almost fifty percent compared to using gas only. Plus, the two of us are using a renewable resource so that is less of a drain on the environment; The only issue with using this form of heat is that the two of us have no way to set a temperature. There is no thermostat on a wood burning stove plus the two of us have some unconventional ways to regulate the temperature.  If you drive by our condo on a Winter afternoon you may see the windows open. This is because the two of us have to lower the temperature. Most mornings, when the two of us first wake up, the apartment is chilly because the fire died down while in the night. It is a constant battle to maintain a comfortable temperature. are times when I wish the two of us were back to just using the boiler however going back to paying big energy bills brings me back to reality quickly.  It is worth the toil the two of us put in to put the currency in savings instead of in the utility companies account.