Temperature control and lighting

My buddy Tina’s spouse just left on a corporation trip. He’s honestly having to travel to several countries this trip, so he will not be accessible for any questions Tina might have about the lake house repairs or any other complications that might come up while he’s gone. Well, as luck would have it, as soon as he stepped onto the flight, the uneven temperatures outside started dropping as well as it began cooling off in a rush. It got so freezing that Tina made the decision that she needed to go ahead as well as turn on the furnace in their residence. She said that the day after the huge temperature change, it was so icy in the residence that she thought she could see her breath! So she ventured over to the temperature control as well as switched it over from air conditioner to the furnace as well as turned it on. But then she said when she hit the on switch for the furnace fan to start working, nothing happened! There was no sound, no change in the lights on the temperature control, no warm air blowing through the heating vents – nothing whatsoever. So now she’s not sure what to do about this problem. She said that maybe she’s doing something wrong, however she’s not sure since her spouse is usually the one who handles their heating as well as air conditioner machine concerns. She doesn’t want to call their Heating as well as A/C machine corporation without talking to her spouse about it first, since it might be a very easy service that she is just unaware of. Hopefully the uneven temperatures won’t continue to drop before she is able to get him on the phone as well as figure out the furnace problem!