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I bought a cabin a few weeks back, plus I do not know a thing about owning a residence. I was really sick of paying rent to somebody else, plus I had plenty of money in my savings to acquire something of my own. I found a nice 2 bedroom residence outside of town, plus decided to place a sizable down payment on the property. The 2 bedroom Cottage is on 3 acres of land, plus there is a beautiful stream running through the center of the property. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen in my life. As soon as I saw the property, I knew it had to be mine. The cottage truly needed some remodeling, because it had not been updated since the 1950s. The outdated Cottage did not even have central heat plus a cooling machine. That was my first hurdle to tackle, because I did not wish to move into the cottage until the central heat plus cooling machine had been installed. Luckily, my little brother lives close plus works with some businesses in the area! He found a local business that came out to provide me with an estimate. They knew my little brother, which worked out in my favor. I got a brand new 18 SEER heat pump plus cooling machine, for the price of a 14 SEER. I’m slowly working on remodeling the inside of the cottage, a single room at a time. I started in the study room, plus I’m going to work my way to the living room. Even though I will be entirely busy with remodeling for the next three years or so, I am so proud to finally own my own residence.

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