HVAC in our new home

I easily remember and outdoor concert that was part of a huge Festival. There were easily a dozen bands playing the course of numerous afternoons. The problem was a muddy Field located not too far away from town. We work to bring a tent and stay near the woods during this weekend area. We were in charge of drinking some buds and listening to those live Wonderful Tunes. I remember a single woman who had an oxygen mask. She still rocked the muddy field even with that mask. After the ninth band finished, she had to go in a 10. I saw inside of the tent, which had an entirely immense A/C equipment. I didn’t realize that tense could come with a private A/C method, but it was terribly impressing. Not specific many different concert tours and had much breathing issues that were drastic. She could only remove the mask in a very nicely controlled environment of temperature. There were air filtration quality components inside of this tent and even something to purify the air. It was terribly impressive for an outdoor event. After all bands had finished for the weekend, my friends and I were asked to help out with some equipment over at that tent. That was when we learned more about the A/C equipment and the need that she had for such breathing apparatus. The woman had been a smoker for a great period of her life and found out that this was the only way to keep any types of smoke problems from becoming worse.