heat pump in the kitchen and bedroom

The master dining room in my home currently has no access to heating or cooling.  That section was originally a sun porch, which the two of us closed in with walls, windows and some insulation.  The renovation process was rather costly for us, and the two of us simply couldn’t afford to include any permanent type of heating or cooling equipment in that room.  In the warm season, to combat the heat, the two of us rely on a window cooling system. The portable cooling component is simple to install and easy to operate. It is quite energy efficient and it also maintains a comfortable temperature, but I don’t really love losing the view from the window, or the look of the cooling equipment, but at least my hubby and I can eat dinner without sweating.  The winter season weather is a much greater challenge. In the state where the two of us live, the outside temperature occasionally drops down to twenty to thirty below zero. Space furnaces and heated blankets on our shoulders aren’t always sufficient to keep us warm. I’ve been doing some research into bizarre types of heating and cooling systems, and finally I’m hoping to install a ductless heat pump.  The upgrade process wouldn’t require any major remodeling on our part, nor tearing down walls. A ductless heat pump is a mini split setup comprised of an outdoor compressor and an indoor air handler. It requires little more than a four-inch hole in an exterior wall and then access to electricity. The air handler is compact, lightweight and it also mounts high up on the wall. Despite the small size, a heat pump is capable of handling extreme weather and it  provides both heating and cooling capacity. I’m currently saving up my money to afford the cost of purchase and professional upgrade.

HVAC technician