From heater to a/c use

In the place where I live, we experience four distinct seasons and the temperature varies quite a bit among them all.  During the summer season, the temperature climbs into the high nineties with excessive humidity in the afternoons. In the winter instead, it regularly plummets into the negatives, with a brutal wind chill, and up to five feet of snow.  There is rarely an opening to shut off the heating and cooling system, and simply open the windows to the fresh air outside. Because of this, utility bills make up the majority of our budget. A tightly sealed condo and energy efficient gas furnace and cooling system are easily essential.   My gas furnace is approximately 8 years old too, achieves 98% AFUE, and also features variable speed technology. The cooling system is less than four years old, reaches 26 SEER, and offers fan-only capabilities. To ensure that the heating and cooling equipment operates at its best, year after year, I’ve also made a point to enroll in a preventative maintenance contract with a local HVAC business.  I further make sure to upgrade air filters every week. I’ve upgraded every window in the house, carefully caulked around them, and then finally added weatherstripping to the exterior doors. I’ve upgraded the level of insulation in the walls, ceilings, and attic, and installed high powered ceiling fans in the main rooms. With the final addition of a programmable temperature control unit, I’ve minimized the workload of the heating and cooling plan when my house is empty.  Despite all of our efforts, I’m still somewhat unhappy with the high cost of the energy bills. When faced with extreme weather, there’s simply no way to maintain a comfortable indoor environment without spending a small fortune.

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