Did you check the radon?

I have often been asked about how long it takes to test a house for radon levels.  I really wasn’t aware of the correct answer to that question. I started to look into some information about radon.  The truth is that a result can be produced within twenty-four hours. The majority of radon tests require that the equipment be left in place for forty-eight hours or longer.  These tests will indicate the level of radon concentration in the space. What this means less than a testing result higher than four requires proactive strategies. According to the EPA, radon is an odorless gas, which is harmful in high concentrations. It is only detected through targeted testing.  According to most health departments, less than a 4 is satisfactory and not considered dangerous. The longer the test kit remains in place in the lowest level of the home, the more accurate the reading. A false results, meaning that the score is lower than it really is, happens when the test is disrupted too quickly.   Most people don’t want to buy a home dream with dangerous radon levels. Realtors require that radon testing is done prior to the sale. The thing is, radon can easily be dealt with. The equipment to rid the home of radon is effective, simple and compact. A qualified HVAC contractor can install it quickly and it isn’t overly expensive.  It’s not necessary to walk away from a potential home simply because of radon. Whether you’re house hunting or living happily in your current home, having radon testing completed is necessary.

radon removal