An iced over heater device

Usually when I tell people that I work from my cabin in the mountains, they abruptly guess that I have it easy… However most people think that I am just hiking in the woods all day, or enjoying netflix on the couch and never actually working. Well I am here to tell you that is far from the truth. Often times I am struggling with getting a strong wireless connection, on other days I am so busy that I have to work for fare more than a normal day job shift… The most strenuous issue of working full time remotely is trying not to freeze to death while I was in the Wintertime. I live in an easily old, antiquated cabin very far out in the woods, so staying next to a heated oil furnace is vital. However, the main issue is that our wireless router is not very strong in the central room where the heated oil furnace is installed. I have talked to the only man in fifty miles of me, who works in town as a repairman for a heating and AC service supplier, but he informed me that the price to install another oil furnace in the office where I work would be in the thousands. That was not all in my financial means, so I decided to go into town and buy a mini portable heated propane furnace. This thing is tiny, but boy is it powerful. It can heat up a full room, and the cost of running the propane heater is half of the heated gas oil furnace bill every month. Working from my little cabin is not easy, but it just got a whole lot more comfortable.

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