Working with my siblings

When my sibling and I were multiple years old, our Mom left to go to the grocery store and never came homeā€¦ I don’t remember my mom being upset, although I remember his teaching my sibling and I how to be strong, he didn’t want either 1 of us to rely on anyone but ourselvesā€¦ My mom taught my sibling and I how to cook and sew; Every one of us could even change our own flat tire and check the oil, but our mom was constantly busy actually working on a project in the garage. One time, our furnace stopped actually working and my mom thought he could fix the problem. She took my sibling and I into the garage, and talked to us about machines and electronics. My mom tried to remedy the furnace problem all day, and I guess he tried everything. My Mom finally gave up and called the furnace business. I particularly remember this time in particular, because my mom had actually caused harm to the furnace, but while he was attempting to trouble shoot the issue, he stripped 1 of the screws that holds our fan motor in place. It was rattling on in the furnace, when the furnace business arrived. My mom watched the furnace business fix the problem, and he listened intently as he explained the issue. I guess my mom might have even dated that furnace business a few times, but that was almost 20 years ago. My mom raised my sibling and I to be easily independent and strong. I guess the people I was with and I l gained a lot from my mom, and I guess he would be proud.