Typical smart thermostat

I have a home filled with some pretty spoiled people.  I don’t mean spoiled in the fact that they get everything they want without any consequences.  What I mean is that they have all of the modern conveniences and take them for granted. We all have our own cell phones.  We all have our favorite apps and like to make phone calls to friends. We all like to spend most of our time in our private spots of the home.  Because of these issues, we all also like to have the maximum amount of comfort in our rooms. We had Zone Control, but there wasn’t maximum comfort with this.  My wife and I decided to look into getting a Smart Thermostat. We would still be able to have the individual comfort of the Zone Control. MY wife and I would be able to monitor the separates zones and know when there is excess energy being used.  We can now control the energy use in our home. This is nice for us. When the kids aren’t home, we don’t have to go into their room to see if they changed the thermostat. They can forget to turn it down in the winter, or up in the summer. With the Smart Thermostat, we can easily pick up our Smartphones or our laptops and check to see if the thermostat was adjusted.  If it hadn’t been, we can change it right there. Neither of us needs to go into the room and see the mess, and we are still saving energy.

HVAC serviceman