No cooling late at night

Last night I thought our a/c had given out on us! My wife and I went to bed and left the thermostat at about 80 degrees. We were exhausted and didn’t think to lower it. Half way through the night I woke up sweating and wondering what was up! I got up to figure out what the cause of the hot room was and examined the thermostat. I instantly figured out what we had simply neglected to change the temperature. Luckily, it was just a mistake on our part and not the HVAC system failing. We have a smaller a/c in our home. At once, I turned the thermostat down to make the room comfortable again. There have been other days where I had to call the HVAC technician to come take a look and either service, repair, replace, or do all of the above because the HVAC unit was genuinely having issues. The cost for this one time was quite high, but I guess you could say it was my fault also as I neglected having the unit maintained the way I was supposed to and that led to repairs and eventually replacement of the HVAC system. It is vital while living in a hot tropical location, or any location, to keep your HVAC unit constantly serviced, especially before you need it most: in the dead of summer. The A/C and heating system is important to living a comfortable life, so keep it in great shape!

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