Need to notify him about the HVAC

Have you ever eaten in a restaurant that gradually became too warm? It’s impossible to try to enjoy a nice meal in the heat. On our anniversary, I took my wife out for what was supposed to be the perfect romantic dinner. We arrived to the restaurant and we were seated in a fancy dining room. We ordered our meal and began eating when I noticed an increase in the temperature. The room was growing rapidly hot. The HVAC system stopped working, but the restaurant staff said nothing, initially. Eventually though, many other patrons began wrapping up their meals and conversations and getting up to leave. Finally, the manager hastily made his way around to apologize for the discomfort we were experiencing. He notified us that an HVAC technician was on the way as we spoke. He offered to pay for our meal if we would choose to stick around. The manager offered us wine and dessert while waiting for the a/c unit to be checked out. The HVAC unit turned out to be irredeemable, so they allowed us to finish our dinner and then we departed. We returned to the restaurant a few weeks later to find a brand new a/c running. The dining room was quite cool and the manager was so happy to see us return, he offered us each another meal on him!.

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