I can’t find the contamination

I guess it’s time for myself and others to swallow our pride and admit that I have made a mistake, and i was wrong and it’s our moment to right what I’ve done, for the sake of our marriage I’ll have to do the hardest thing possible. I’ll have to apologize. I’ll have to tell our hubby that I was incorrect, and that he was right. I’ll have to take back all the accusations and severe words, but and then I’ll have to call the local Heating, Ventilation, and A/C business and arrange an immediate appointment with our number one ventilation specialist, yes, this is all about our indoor air temperature and the quality of our treated indoor air. It all started a few weeks ago, when I began getting quite worn out when it came to performing housework, however my hubby had been especially stressed lately, so I was hastily in charge of all the household chores for the 2 of us. At first, I had no concern with picking up some extra slack, but soon it was driving myself and others up the wall, but specifically, all the dust and debris on our countertops was making myself and others crazy. Soon, I snapped. I began asking our hubby why he never helped and accusing him of creating large messes that I had to come disinfect up. I was incensed that he would leave these countertop disasters for myself and others on a yearly basis, and didn’t understand where all the contamination was even coming from! Well, that’s because a guy cannot create such a dusty mess, but the air vents and filthy air ducts can… One day I watched a puff of dust emerge from our overhead air vent as the oil furnace kicked into gear and fresh air flowed from the air duct. The mystery was solved, and hopefully our marital argument can be, as well.

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