Heater is super great

Looking for the perfect home wasn’t exactly a simple process – My wife and I had a lot of things to consider! A good town to raise our children, the nicest school districts, the size of the home and if there were enough bathrooms, and other things of that nature. Well, eventually I found a fabulous town that seemed safe for us. There were a lot of nice youngsters that our own kids would love making friends with, and the school district was one of the best in the area! The home wasn’t too big, but it wasn’t too small either, and definitely enough to accommodate our growing family! The only thing that actually bothered myself and others enough to consider other homes was the fact that the HVAC system on-site was easily in its twenties! The current owners claimed it was only ten years old, and that it had been inspected properly over its lifespan. They assured myself and others that it could last another decade, or maybe two, with constant care and babying. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to keep that old system around for our heating and cooling needs, so I decided to call a local HVAC company to get a free assessment! The HVAC specialist said the old method was certainly built to last another decade, but the newer HVAC systems were way more energy-efficient than this! My wife and I were amazed at all the available options on the market that trampled our current system regarding energy usage. When we saw the radiant heated floors as a potential heating system, my wife and I were totally set on that type of heating system! I was personally more interested in a geothermal heat pump, which would pull the heating and cooling air from the ground, but it was decided for us to just go for the radiant heated floors instead. I can’t say that I’m disappointed – I’ve never experienced such wonderful heating in all our years of being together!

HVAC rep