What should I set the thermostat

It’s certainly amazing technology that more than one tiny button can change the entire climate control in our lake house. In fact, the temperature control component entirely is a Marvel of Wonder. I am not a single person who believes this also. A few days ago. I came back to the lake condo after work plus found the lake condo temperatures to be different on the thermostat. The people I was with plus myself had set our temperature control unit before going to work, but it was not set in the same place. Everyone of my friends plus myself thought there was a problem with our temperature control component. Everyone of us don’t really looked up troubleshooting tips online, but we couldn’t find many places that had problems with the temperature reverting. A few of those words told us that it might be an issue with a programmable thermostat. The two of us had not purchased a programmable thermostat though. Everyone of my friends plus myself purchased a basic standard thermostat with a touch of button screen. For more than one week, every one of us scratched our heads, puzzled. A few days ago, everyone of us finally found out exactly what was happening with temperature control component. My friends stayed home from work. Around 9 in the morning, I was walking through the living room. The cat was swatting at the temperature control component, as though she was trying to adjust the temperature. At that point, I actually considered the cat to be the culprit for our temperature changing issue.

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