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My nephew started working as a furnace plus cooling technician about 5 years ago. He really loves the job, plus he certainly is an exceptional furnace plus cooling component technician. He went to school for more than one year, plus has a certification in a few different areas. Everyone of my friends plus myself use the company that our nephew works for, because he certainly provides efficient + friendly service. We had an Old Furnace plus cooling component company before, but they didn’t provide the same amount of customer service that this company seems to. Our nephew knows everything there is to know about our furnace, because he has been for the past three years. Everyone of my friends plus myself were certainly panicked, when our furnace went down in the middle of December. The first thing we wanted to do was give our nephew a call, but he was on his honeymoon at the time. My friends plus myself had to call a lay person to make the evaluation. Everyone of us were nervous about someone new checking over our furnace, but they did just as good of a job as our nephew would normally do. By the time our nephew came back from vacation, he heard all about our furnace trouble. He came right over to check on things when he got home. He was not surprised to see how happy we were with the service from his fellow technician. Everyone of us were regaled with tales from his honeymoon, and they had a wonderful time in the mountains.

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