The park should have good cooling

It was a lovely day to take my kids to play at the park. It was the beginning of the fall season, so it was mild and a little breezy outside. The fall is my favorite  time of year. I can usually get away with wearing a T-shirt and light jacket with long pants. The weather is still mild enough that it’s comfortable. The park wasn’t all that crowded at that time of day. My kids and I were at the park for around 30 mins when the sun suddenly came out from behind the clouds.   The sun really heated up the day. We were fortunate that there was still a light breeze. The sun was hot enough that my kids started to complain about feeling overheated, and I noticed they were quite sweaty. I started to worry about sunburn. Instead of eating our packed lunch at the park, like we’d planned, I took my boys back home.  I am fortunate that we have a smart thermostat installed. I was able to access the thermostat from my smartphone, switch to cooling mode and lower the thermostat setting. By the time we walked home, we were all hot and sweaty. The inside of the house, however, was perfectly cool. We spread our blanket on the living room floor and had a picnic.  With the air conditioner running, it was far more pleasant than sitting in the grass at the park. We didn’t need to deal with bugs or air pollution or crowds of people. And later in the day, when the sun went down and the temperature began to drop, I simply adjusted the thermostat accordingly.

a/c repairman