The air conditions in the house

My son, Teddy, has been plagued with  Asthma since he was a small child. His symptoms are made worse by strenuous activity, heat and compromised air quality.  When he breathes in dust, pollen, dander or any excess of pollutants, he starts to wheeze. Maintaining a clean, healthy indoor living space for him was a challenge.  We reside in an area with weather fluctuations, and tend to rely on either the gas furnace or cooling unit nearly about all year round. There is hardly ever an opportunity to open a window and introduce  some fresh air. The same stale air is kept inside the home and circulated over and over again. There is no avenue for contaminants to escape. There’s also the concern over the gas furnace and cooling unit adding  dust, mold spores and bacteria to the living environment. Contaminated, neglected ducts, gas heating systems and cooling units have been proven to cause a long list of health problems. To safeguard Teddy’s health and improve his quality of life, it is essential to keep up with the proactive maintenance of the heating and cooling components.  Along with cleaning the air filters regularly, I have invested in upkeep with a licensed HVAC supplier. A professional comes to the home twice every year, in the fall and spring, to inspect, clean and tune the heating and cooling units. He scrubs away any layers of debris and uses strong disinfectant to combat the growth of mold or mildew. Although the heating and cooling systems filter the indoor air, I’ve included a whole-home air purifier for added benefit.  The air cleaner purifies the air approximately eight times every hour. It traps and kills everything from mold spores to airborne particulate too small for the human eye to detect. These measures have improved the cleanliness and health of the home. Plus, we are more comfortable, and save money through increased energy efficiency.