Searching the a/c unit

I had a major issue that started as a small issue with my recently bought heating and cooling system. So at this point, I went and called the friendly and very local heating, ventilation as well as a/c corporation to come inspect our outdoor a/c unit, the condenser component had been making this light grinding sound for many weeks, as well as I wanted a professional to come check out the equipment as well as to see if I had something to worry about, and when the professional arrived, he walked over to the outdoor a/c component as well as instructed myself and my hubby to cut power to the unit! After about an hour of him tinkering and messing with the outdoor unit, he had myself and my hubby return power to the device; Despite being inside as well as about 15 feet away from the condenser unit, I could hear the unit’s grinding sound at a much higher level as soon as I flipped the switch! Now the component was so loud, I could barely hear the Heating as well as A/C professional as he told myself and my hubby this service was “beyond his proficiency”. Imagine saying something like that to a customer, knowing that you’ve just caused their outdoor a/c component to fall into a further state of disrepair! I felt sorry for our friends, who were supposed to come over that evening to really and truly appreciate a fantastic tabletop game with me. Instead of focusing on the game, I knew they would all be too distracted by the awful and extremely loud noise outside. I can’t wait until the other Heating as well as A/C service corporation comes, as well as hopefully they don’t have the same dummy working for them!

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