Poor HVAC settings

Me and my wife do our shopping online cause it’s quick, self-explanatory, and no lines! We recently wanted to purchase a new control unit thermostat for the house, we went searching on target.com, cause we can find anything and everything on there, my wife and I found several thermostats online, and researched the best purchase for our cash. We didn’t want something too technical, so we both didn’t purchase a programmable or wireless-enabled control unit thermostat. My wife wanted something with a sizable touch-screen, and I readily agreed. It’s often been hard to study the tiny numbers on our old control unit thermostat. My wife and I decided to go with a Honeywell control unit thermostat. We ordered the control unit thermostat online, and it was supposed to be shipped on Sunday. I never acquired a shipping text, so I contacted target on Saturday; That’s when I found out that identifiable control unit thermostat was out of stock. I called the wife at work, and asked if she wanted to choose a different thermostat control unit! She didn’t want to choose a different thermostat control unit, so we decided to wait until our chosen Honeywell was back in stock. I acquired an text yesterday, hoping it would contain shipping information. Instead, the text told us that our particular control unit thermostat was going to be on backorder until Thanksgiving. My wife and I were left with truly little choices, however to go with something different or purchase the control unit thermostat from a different retailer.

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