My energy saving tips

I loved my Grandma so much despite some of her shortcomings, plus can link several of our best childhood memories to outings all of us had love grabbing vegan ice cream from the yellow grove in neighborhood plus going to the art plus craft shows on the weekends and playing tons of board games plus eating pizza while all of us were in the week.  Watching our Grandma experience cancer was severely difficult, but her strength plus mindset through the whole process was an amazing thing to see. I owe much of our drive plus sense of will to that dear woman. After her recent passing, I was crying for awhile, however after going through some of her things at her house, I’m starting to remember the fun times again plus forgetting the darker times in the end.  That’s the best you can hope for I guess. I then took it upon myself to get her home completely fixed plus repaired. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen to it with her estate, but I treated it as if she was just waiting to come apartment after a long stay in the hospital, plus had the whole location cleaned and tuned up inch by inch, including a full repair plus service on the HVAC system. I also realized that she had wanted her windows replaced for the longest time however just didn’t have the cash.  They were outdated plus leaked a lot of the air conditioning outside, a large chunk of her monthly energy costs. Once I had the home done, including the modern windows plus freshly maintained a/c, I felt accomplished with the whole project. I knew that area of it was for nothing, obviously she wasn’t coming home, and I wasn’t trying to change my mind. However to my shock, I got a letter the absolutely next afternoon from her estate saying that she had willed the home to me. With tears of joy dripping onto the letter still clutched in our hand, I looked around from the edge of the living room, just taking it all in.  For a split second, I could feel my Grandma again, her love and her smile, and her voice welcoming myself and others back.

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