Bowling and lots of a/c

I went bowling the other night and I don’t know if I will ever make that mistake again! It’s fall here in our area of the country and the temperatures outside have really been cooling off lately, then but then periodically in the middle of the day, the temperature outside gets entirely hot, and you just never have an idea what the weather is going to be and whether you’re going to need to use your heating or your air conditioner while in the afternoon. Because, honestly, periodically you need to use both parts of your Heating and A/C system on the very same day! And that’s exactly the same issue that we ran into at the bowling alley tonight, then i recognize that while in the day this week, when it was moderate and warm outside and the temperatures were higher and it was sunny, the management at the bowling alley must have set their temperature control thermostat settings to turn on the a/c to cool off the inside of the building. But then tonight after the weather started cooling off outside, the Heating and A/C equipment inside the bowling alley didn’t make that same switch over, then the management at the bowling alley must not have been using a digital programmable thermostat temperature control or the a/c would’ve known that it should’ve turned off by itself! As it was this night, it was chilly inside the bowling alley and we entirely wished that management would have just turned on the furnace in there! Every last one of us ended up leaving before we had even finished up our 2nd game because we wanted to get in the car so we could turn on the nice heating!

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