The maintenance is coming around

When the people I was with and I moved into our loft the people I was with and I knew that the heating plus air had a smart control control unit; the people I was with and I just didn’t know how to use it, then it is supposed to connect to our cell phones via Wifi however the people I was with and I were only able to manually raise plus lower the temperatures… However, after increasing the temperatures it would seem that someone else would adjust them back. It was kind of creepy, enjoy the people I was with and I had a ghost in the lake house or something. It was also annoying because this “ghost” seemed to enjoy to keep the lake house at about 5 degrees warmer than my partner plus I did. I was complaining to my buddy about it one morning plus she commanded I talk to the loft supervisor so I did plus he sent maintenance to come plus have a look, all of us all laughed when the people I was with and I figured out who our ghost was. It was the previous renter! She must still have our control unit on her smartphone plus was trying to adjust the temperature in her beach house with her old settings. I can only imagine how miserable she must be, wondering why her air conditioner won’t turn off. Maintenance was able to turn our control unit back to factory settings plus then help us connect our cellphones too, and they said that these smart control units are relatively current for the complex plus now they know they need to reset them when an old renter leaves.  Now the people I was with and I can control our heating plus air on our cell phone plus not fight with someone who doesn’t even live here over the settings.

temperature control unit