My new man cave

My husband Randy keeps trying to get a man cave. Why should Randy get a spot to chill, watch the game and drink beer and I don’t? If he gets a man cave where he leaves the kids and responsibilities, I want one too. Randy keeps trying to get the garage. His plan is to redo the space, add a couch, recliners and a flat screen TV. To finish his man cave, my husband wants a ductless mini split too. The idea is that he will be able to hide from his life 24/7 all day, no matter the weather. No, just no in my opinion.

              Our home HVAC equipment is not all that great. Our furnace has trouble heating the house in the Winter. About once a month I need to vacuum out the inside of the heating system since it fills with dust so fast. In the Summer, our air conditioner cannot handle the humidity. I can set the thermostat as low as I want, the cooling system just can’t do it. So if anybody is getting new HVAC equipment, it is the whole family rather than just Randy. I think the ductless mini split should be set upstairs.

           The ductless heating and cooling unit could work with our current HVAC equipment. All of us at night could at least be a little more comfortable. I told my husband we are either doing that, or I get my own cave. He has to pay for my cave’s HVAC and take a turn during all the jobs around the house.

ductless heating and AC