A glitch with the system

After finally being able to destabilize myself emotionally due to the loss of my dearly beloved wife of 55 years, I ventured back out into the deep waters and found another mate with whom to share my life. Consequently, having found someone who was willing and able to put up with me and all of who I am, I remarried. Almost immediately after doing so, the step in the logical sequence was for my new spouse to move into my condominium home with me–and that she did.

                 After just a few days of our new living arrangements, my gal notified me that the bedroom that she was staying in at the time was getting warmer by the day–and noticeably warmer than a number of the other rooms in the home. As a result, I phoned a local HVAC company that a friend had referred me to recently and scheduled an appointment to have a technician come by to assess the situation. Upon arrival, they confirmed what I initially suspected: that there was a glitch within the zoning system that I had set up in the past month or so that spanned the entire home. Therefore, in effort to resolve the matter, the tech went to my thermostat and did some further diagnosing and eventual electrical rewiring.

               After running a few test trials of the system afterwards, he confirmed that the unit was back up to snuff and running like it was originally intended to be running. Now, my love and I could focus on the most important thing from here on out–us!

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