Improving the air duct

The little town I live in is turning into a bedroom community for the city.  What was once a small little hamlet is now filling up with newcomers. It’s hard to believe for me.  I recall this area being nothing but farmland and a few business on main street. Well, that mainstreet is now being revitalized with some creative ideas.  I recently joined in on all this. The old feed and seed building was for sale some years ago so, I bought it. My thinking was preservation and a long time investment.  I guess the long term investment suddenly turned into right now. The building has been gutted to provide apartment living on main street. The feed and seed store never had any formal HVAC so, that was the first thing I needed to rectify.  I partnered up with an HVAC company to find the best options for heating and cooling the apartments. The place will eventually contain 8 very nice apartments. Instead of getting into the expense of running air ducts through the building, we went another direction.  A multi split HVAC heating and cooling system simply made more sense. The multi split unit is ductless which is a huge advantage in this particular scenario. Each apartment will have its own air handler mounted high on the exterior wall. The one air handler will be more than enough to heat and cool a single apartment.  Each of these inside components is then connected to a compressor unit outside. They are connected by a series of wires and tubes through a small hole in the exterior wall. This should be appealing to all the new tenants moving to the area.

HVAC equipment