Accident insurance

I was in a car accident a few years ago and it was really scary. I was driving down this long stretch of highway with my mom in the passenger seat and we were just headed into town to do some shopping. I slowed down to turn left down this little side street and I ended up having to stop because of oncoming traffic. However, the guy who was behind me must’ve been flying because he rammed right into the back of our car. We ended up with severe whiplash but the guy’s insurance company never wanted to pay for our pain and suffering! After a couple of months of talking with the insurance company, my mom and I hired a personal injury attorney. I mean, it wasn’t like we were getting anywhere with the insurance people without a personal injury attorney! I’m really hoping that since we’re going to be working with a professional attorney who is an expert in civil litigation and personal injury, we will finally be able to get everything sorted out. We explained to our personal injury lawyer, whose name is David, that we really just want to get the medical bills paid, the car damages paid, and a little bit of money for our pain and suffering. After all, it was the other guy’s fault and so the insurance company needs to pay us back. According to the personal injury firm, we should end up with all of our bills paid, plus a lot more left over to put in the bank for future issues that we might have!

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