A cost effective solution

Life as a musician can be challenging. Like writing a good book, your creativity is limited by what your label wants you to submit. You might have this creative vision for an album, but the people who ensure your music gets out to the world say that it needs a different tone! It’s a constant give and take situation, and the musicians seem to be doing all the giving. So, I try to do anything I can to make sure my home life is as much under my control as possible. That’s why I got so frustrated the other day, when I had a visit from the HVAC service company that didn’t go as planned. See, I was supposed to get radiant floors installed in the first floor of my home. I’d heard that radiant floors were this incredibly cost-effective heating system, and I’ve always dealt with my extremities getting cold – especially my feet! Sadly, when the HVAC service professionals arrived, they told me that using radiant flooring simply wouldn’t work out for me in my home. I couldn’t understand why – it’s a house like any other! The “professionals” from the HVAC service company tried to tell me that my house has an unusual basement, and that the flooring of the first floor isn’t stable enough for radiant floors to work. I don’t see how that’s the case, when two other individuals from the same company told me that radiant floors were an easy install that my house could handle. The HVAC technicians and I got into a heated argument about who said what, which blew out of proportion when one of them said that I’m just “another musician living in their own fantasy world”! Can you believe that? I’m not famous – I’m not even known throughout my city, and this guy made a comment like that. Unbelievable! I guess I’ll have to figure out how to install the radiant floor system on my own!

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