A chilly breeze

You know, it’s not often that it gets insanely hot around my part of the country. The weather is usually fair, if not generally chilly, but it’s rarely hot enough to justify running anything more powerful than a window-mounted A/C unit. For that reason, I’ve been cautiously considering my options for a cooling system, as the house I’m moving into has nothing besides ceiling fans in each room. If I still lived in the South, that would be unacceptable! Here though, it’s perfectly cool most of the time. So the house I’m moving into has a furnace as the heating system, which is great for when it gets really cold. However, that furnace can be overpowering, as the house isn’t very big. For that reason, I’m often having to open windows around the house just to let some of the heat out, and that can be a huge burden on me as far as utility bills go. Rather than constantly trying to remember which windows are open and where, I’ve decided to instead invest in a whole-house fan. These are designed to install directly into the attic of a home, and work by rapidly pressurizing the entire house, forcing much of the heat out and into the outdoors. Doing this also requires a few windows to be open as close to the ground as possible, as the negative pressure outside will try to penetrate the house and balance everything out. That negative pressure is cold air, so you have to be careful about how long you run the whole-house fan. Otherwise, it will be just as cold as it was when you first used the furnace, and then you’re back in square one!

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