We need to climate control

I enjoy adventure – to a point, but if it involves an amusement park, I will likely not ride the roller coaster due to the sudden drops. If there are only loops and spins, I’m fine. Interestingly, lately we’ve been experiencing some “roller coaster” weather this fall. Just when I think I can switch our summer time clothes with Wintertide clothes, the outside temperatures take a sharp shift upward. In fact, the yearly temperatures have risen enough that we’ve needed to switch our a/c back on, then the previous month the people I was with and I were experiencing a cold snap and, you guessed it, the people I was with and I switched our temperature control to the furnace setting, and some of the mornings got downright cold, forcing me to dig out our Wintertide pajamas and put an extra blanket on the bed, then but wouldn’t you think it, this month the temperatures have turned tropical – literally! I reverted to wearing shorts and sandals for multiple mornings, not to mention switching the temperature control back from furnace to a/c. The main difference between the fall and summer time when it comes to temperature is the difference that the shorter mornings make, but once the sunlight starts to dip on its way to setting in the west, there’s a severe drop in the temperature as well. And even though the mornings are cooler, the humidity remains high and the a/c still runs during the night. It’s amusing to turn on the weather channel and listen to the several meteorologists use all kinds of adjectives to describe the weather patterns. Inevitably, of course, the Wintertide will be upon us and the switch from a/c to furnace will be permanent.

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