The lights are coming back on

Though it still feels like summer, most of the country has already flipped forward to the Fall season. Living in the South does not afford us the chance to see weather changes like other areas do. I still have to use our a/c; not just during the day either. My air conditioning system comes on every few hours usually. Just earlier, some type of electrical glitch was experienced, as my lights flickered, and the a/c started to turn on with that familiar sound. However, the electrical surge happened and the a/c turned back off without warning! No more noise came from our air conditioning system, even though the lights came back on. My a/c was quiet for the first time in months! Absolute silence filled the house, but all the lights came back on so I anxiously awaited the return of our a/c. Since the power surge that knocked out our air conditioning system took place early in the morning, it was still dark out. I equipped myself with a trusty flashlight and made my way to the circuit box, which was next to the outside air conditioning system. The flashlight serving as my guiding tool, I found the electrical breaker that was marked for the air conditioner. I said a prayer, hoping that me flipping the air conditioning system breaker off and then back on again would return the a/c to a functioning status. The hum of the air conditioning system was present once more! I was thrilled to hear it, as I knew I could avoid a hot day indoors.

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