I needed a flashlight for guidance

While other parts of the United States has moved on to the fall, it still feels just like summertime to me around these parts! Of course, that’s just how it is when you’re living in the south. This kind of life doesn’t give us the opportunity to enjoy the weather changes like other parts of the country! I still have to use our a/c, and not just during the day! This A/C system in my home will turn on every few minutes, and just this afternoon, some type of electrical glitch was experienced for the first time all year. I noticed that my lights flickered, and the a/c started to turn on with that typical humming sound. However, the electrical surge happened and the a/c turned back off pretty fast. No more noise came from our A/C, despite the lights coming back on quickly enough. My a/c was eerily quiet, as nothing but absolute silence filled my home. All the lights came back on, so I anxiously awaited the return of our working a/c. Sadly, it never did. Since the power surge that knocked out our a/c took place so early this morning, it was still dark outside. I decided to equip myself with a trusty flashlight or two, making my way to the electrical breaker box. Beside the outside A/C unit was the box, where I used the flashlight for guidance and a clear vision. I was able to find the breaker that was marked for the a/c unit, and with no real idea of how to repair things, I flipped the A/C breaker off plus then back on again, hoping for the best possible outcome. Surprise! The hum of the a/c component filled my ears as it came back to life!

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