We didn’t get that fixed quick enough

While the calendar in other parts of the US has moved toward the fall, it still feels like Summer to me. Of course, residing in the southern part of the country does not afford us the option to feel the weather changes like other regions might. I still have to use our air conditioner, and not just during the day either! My A/C comes on every few hours. In fact, just this afternoon, some type of electrical glitch was experienced, as my lights flickered and the air conditioner started to turn on with that usual hum. However, then the electrical surge happened! The air conditioner turned back off quickly, and no more noise came from our A/C, even though the lights came back on quickly enough. My air conditioner was eerily and uncomfortably quiet. Nothing but absolute silence, for the first time in months! Since all the lights came back on, I anxiously awaited the return of our toiling air conditioner. Since the power surge that knocked out our air conditioner took place early in the afternoon, it was still cool outside. So I armed myself with my trusty flashlight, and made our way to the electrical box next to our outside A/C unit. Using the flashlight for guidance, I was able to find the electrical breaker that was marked for the air conditioner. As I hoped for the best, I flipped the A/C breaker off and then back on again hoping that would magically fix it. The hum of the air conditioner was incredibly surprising but pleasant to my ears as it roared back into action!

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